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​Abundant Hope & Healing Counseling Services

Sherri Conran, MA, LMFT

Individual, Family, and Marriage Counseling

Offering in-person or telehealth sessions

Call 651-307-8310 to schedule an appointment

As you look to lead a more abundant life, I will be with you every step of the way. 


Individual Counseling

Come and join me in a warm, safe space where we will partner together in helping you learn skills dedicated to living your best life. You will be able to share your feelings, dreams, and thoughts in a compassionate, kind environment. You should feel validated every step of the way in your journey. Your journey is an opportunity for me to walk beside you and guide you along the way, which I would consider to be a priviledge. Are you ready for healing, growth, and change? 

Marriage Counseling


Discover how to be seen and heard by your partner. Come and find a welcoming space to rediscover love and respect in your relationship. Are you ready to feel more loved, to learn healthy communication skills, and to discover more insights into growing, and healing your relationship with your partner?

Family Counseling

Come and uncover ways to feel more deeply connected with those that you love the most. You will gain new, healthy perspectives to family challenges when you partner with me. You will also learn healthy communication skills which will give each family member a sense of validation. Are you ready to feel more connected to those that you love the most?


You don't have to do this journey alone

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